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Your Millennial Astrologer

“Find out who you are. And do it on purpose.” – Dolly Parton

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Astrology is my heart.

When I was 16-years-old I was asked by the youth minister at my church to leave my sun sign readings of my church pals out of our youth group meetings. Apparently they were “ungodly.” I remember even at that age thinking to myself, but God made the stars. You think the stars were his/her/their accident? That time was their accident? Isn’t “God” intentional? In the darkness of night I continued reading all things cosmos I could get my hands on. 

The coolest girl in my class had a birthday book at her house. I can remember every sleepover she had I would disappear while the other girls painted nails, talked boys, and made brownies. I would sneak into her room until they would come looking for me. I would take out her birthday book and read everyone’s birth day description reading I knew over, and over, and over. I’ve always been obsessed with time. Very Capricorn dominant of me. Time is not all that the anxiety spiral in my head sometimes says it is, but I believe that it is intentional. There is a fate and destiny to when we were born that I can feel in my soul. There is meaning to the timing of events. There is a destiny we are called to; a circle to how things happen and when. Astrology has validated me in my deep inner knowings, and my intuition has called me to share this endlessly valuable gift with you! Astrology has liberated me into owning all parts of myself. Astrology has informed me. It has provided me with tools that have helped me to extend my empathy for those I love, and those whom I struggle to love, beyond even my own comprehension. Astrology has strengthened my communication and made it all so much more tailored and personal. Astrology has made me a better person. But Astrology is not my religion. It is not my “answer.” It does not determine who I fall in love with, where I’m going, how, when, or what exactly I decide to do with my life. I don’t intend to “convert” or convince you. I intend to love you through the lens of a tool that has opened my heart, and made me feel seen. It is my gift to share. I hope to share it with you.



I’m Olivia

A woo-woo millennial woman who loves you!

I’m Olivia Hope! An astrologer, lover, and learner of the world. I am from a small, Appalachian mountain town in southwest Virginia. I was raised by a loving Aries single mom who left my dad when I was in the womb – Moon conjunct Chiron in the 8th house. Religion was my spiritual expression growing up and I had an unbelievable propensity for the adoption & abuse of Christian doctrine, sigh…. From that place to here I have moved past everything I once knew both philosophically and geographically. Since then I have gone through three serious, long-term breakups, gotten to know my dad, made new art, found meditation, cultivated peace with my Christian family’s dismay at my passion for Astrology, navigated yoga, manifestation work, anti-racist activism & organizing, re-introduced myself to my body via movement, and found a deeper connection to my femme-ness, and my feminism. I have studied Astrology with expansively genius guides, manifested friends who are aligned with my place in life and vision of the world, succeeded AND bombed at standup comedy, and soul owned my history with an eating disorder. I dive deep, and exclusively. No small talk here. I have a stellium (4 planets) in Scorpio and another stellium in my first house, mostly in Capricorn. I am a proud millennial witch, and an even prouder 11th house Mercury-conjunct-Pluto owner. I talk up to my clients while breaking things down. I own my power, and my responsibility to that power. I’m HERE for the spiritual, sexual, and self-love revolution! Won’t you come with me?!


What I Offer

COVID Sliding Scale FULL BIRTH CHART Reading

 (Only available through via zoom)

[2 hrs] $150-$250 (negotiable due to income/mutual aid)

You pay after the reading. $50 deposit required 48 hours before the reading. Simply subtract the $50 from what you choose to pay on the sliding scale.



Sort through the options above, and we’ll discuss what works. If uninterested in a full reading, let me know in the Q & A while booking. Full Reading includes Birth Chart Natal Reading, Asteroid Reading, Progressed Moon Reading, Transit Reading (predictions/upcoming events in your life 1 year out), a brief Human Design Reading, and the option to receive a recorded reading for our session for the latter higher end of the scale ($200 – $250). This reading is around a 3 hour commitment for me in totality. Hit me up here or in my IG dm’s @theoliviahope.  Can meet in LA if preferred for full price. Otherwise, we meet over zoom. Take care of yourselves. Practice mutual aid if you can. Love on someone in new, creative ways that you haven’t before. I can’t wait to hear from you! <3

Birth Chart Reading

(Only Available Through Covid Reading via Zoom, see above)

[55 minutes] $150


This is the beginning of the journey. The formal introduction. Allow me to re-introduce YOURself, your name is HOV! Okay, just kidding. But you are a star! No, no, not just one, You are many! You are your truth, your love, your intuition, your circumstances, your traumas, your coping mechanisms, your joys and passions, your dreams, your empathy, and so much more that I haven’t yet had the privilege to see! But also, I believe you are so very much your birth chart. Your birth chart is a snap shot of the sky the moment/minute you were born. The birth chart comprises your self, your emotional needs, your ease or difficulty regarding self-love, the way you learn and process, your relationship with your parents, career themes, callings, addiction issues, timelines of more likely events, the lessons you must learn in this lifetime, your comfort zone, your talents, the themes and direction of your destiny, who you are as a neighbor, a friend, a lover, how you best need to be loved, what is required for you to feel seen, your communication style, your higher self’s highest yearnings, who you were in past lives, where you shake things up, and more! Your birth chart is such a beautiful grounding tool to use when you find yourself feeling less than seen. I’ll share with you (remind your inner voice of) the needs for your inner child. I will wake up and validate what close ones in your life have yet to acknowledge in you, that in response, you may have lost faith in. Often, charts work in this really lovely, holistic way with specific destiny asks/focuses for you and similar/related tools to accomplish those asks. The universe may be asking you to teach a class in a foreign land instead of opening a restaurant in your neighborhood. Or maybe you can find a way to do both, or be so successful as a restaurateur that you move to Italy ten years after opening your local restaurant to teach your business model! I will share with you some directions in nurturing yourself more deeply so that you may find your own safety in this often harsh world. Or, whatever, I’ll cut the script and focus on what you want to hear about more deeply. This is a reading of love and partnership, in that order.

Synastry Chart Reading: Love is Love

 (Only Available Through Covid Reading via Zoom, see above)

[2 hrs] $250


You want to know your compatibility with your love! Maybe you want to know your compatibility with your new boss or business partner! Maybe you want to know how you can better relate to your child! Maybe you want your parents who have tried every therapy at their disposal to make it work to consult with their synastry charts to see through a more holistic, esoteric lens what may be ahead, or where they may be able to love one another more deeply. You want a deeper connection to another human. That’s a beautiful thing! I’m willing to bet you would spend hundreds of dollars and hours on therapy to make some of these relationships work if you knew it could lead to success. Maybe you aren’t one-hundred-percent open to Astrology being the missing link. And maybe it’s not the sole link. But it is a pretty kick ass tool to dive deeper into your understanding of one another. I can help you see one another more deeply. I can help you bring empathy and understanding to why your mom makes some of the choices she does, that irritate you so very much. I can help liberate you with the safe, go-ahead you need to finally leave something that may not be serving your heart any longer. I can help you serve your writing partner’s needs more fully so that you can cultivate more creativity and less discord. I can help you see what may be down the road with your new crush who you have red-hot chemistry with. The sky’s the limit. Or, your imagination. Let’s talk compatibility! Your love is my love!

Just One Quick Question

 (Only Available Through Covid Reading via Zoom, see above)

[30 minutes] $75


You’ve got a question. I don’t have the answer. But YOU DO. And I have endless tools in your chart for helping you answer it. I also have what some might say are answers. But some are not spiritually integrated, because answers are individual. Answers are personal. Answers impel us to take action, and your action is yours. Answers should not be definitive, but ongoing, and pliable. Integrated answers are where our quiet inner knowing meets our feeling. You can not have one without the other. I would love to work with you through your hang-ups around your crush, spirituality, career, physical work or ailments, recent tragedy, or travel plans. Let me mirror for you your own deep inner knowing. Phone, or zoom only.

FULL Birth Chart Reading – Transits & Progressions

(Only Available Through Covid Reading via Zoom, see left)

[2 hrs] $250


See above for the sexy spiel on the birth chart reading. Transits & progressions are for my babes in need of some guidance through upcoming events. This is what most of you are looking for. This one is the full reading. I use transits and progressions to help you move through future happenings that may come up. I don’t use them to tell you who you’re going to marry, when you’ll get pregnant, or if you will get that job. I will see, and share likely upcoming events. I honor my spiritual responsibility, and your right to the very specific surprises destiny has for you, to share upcoming information lightly, with a grain of salt. I have a deep commitment to leave you empowered and inspired, never drained or full of fatalistic dread. This is the future of Astrology. The predictive portions I do offer are specific and intentional, but are first used to provide you with the tools and awareness to be your own advocate and hero, with your own agency and destiny. I will share themes of upcoming issues & focuses to make note of.

Self-Love Healing Workshop = Moon + Venus Class Parties

 (Only Available Through Covid Reading via Zoom, see above)

[90 minutes] $50 per person over zoom, $75 for in-person – Los Angeles only if in person, Zoom possible for anywhere


Let’s Get Lunar! This is best done around, or on a new or full moon. Gather a few of your best lovers & friends, your journal, some crystals, and a bottle of Rose! 4 friends minimum! 6 maximum! This is your creation, so I’m gonna need a location. This is best done as a sleepover activity, intimate dinner party, business-bonding retreat exercise, couple’s retreat, or post meditation circle! You give me each of your birth times and locations prior, as I am going to introduce each of you to your AND one another’s moons! I’ll help you own your emotional needs, feel more confident in making demands that serve your heart, and acknowledge your needs to feel seen free of shame. Through this work you will receive great empathy for yourself, as well as deeper empathy for those in your group. Even cooler, your pals are gonna learn how better to love on you, and you, them! What a beautiful, sappy, validating, intimately fearless night you’re in for! I’ll give an overall deeper dive mini class on natal moons and Venus placements in general, so bring your notebooks, and lunar/moon cycles to help you really connect w/ femme energy and maybe start using the moon cycles for your own grounding spiritual work. If taking place during a new or full moon I will give an overview of themes resonating with the moon that you can navigate through journal work, crystal intentions, or very fun and freeing physical activities that I love to pair with workshops! Did you hear me say dance party? Only if Lizzo can come. She’s on every playlist I use, so get ready. We love a manifesting new moon! We love an embodied, reflective full moon! Must be booked two weeks ahead.

Follow-up Transit Reading

 (Only Available Through Covid Reading via Zoom, see above)

[1 hour] $100


This reading is for those of you who have seen me before and wish to look at the forecast for the year ahead. I’ll shed some light on some current events in your life, focusing on ideal times to optimize your juicy gifts from the universe. I’ll break down some of what to expect from the general to the personal.

Follow-Up Focused Reading

 (Only Available Through Covid Reading via Zoom, see above)

[1 hour] $100


You’ve seen me before, and enjoyed the experience, but you want some star-gazing insight focused on some part of your life. Maybe it’s career. Maybe it’s love. Maybe your Mercury Retrograde has been particularly great, and you want to know what that means. We can look at whatever you want for an hour, but I need to know ahead what issues you want to focus on.


1 + 14 =

"Olivia is like having a best friend who knows about everything I don’t and knows how to deliver the intel with insane love, clarity and fun. It is so f***ing JOYFUL to learn from Olivia and feel embraced by her magnificent heart, clarity and softness. She really gets how to communicate the juice without it feeling like an order from the cosmos. Because I’m the one who does the ordering (sort of...) and Olivia is like the concierge making suggestions about how to have the most engaging experience with my surroundings.”

Dana Sorman

"Olivia is INCREDIBLE! She is the most kind, personable and generous astrologers in LA...THIS WOMAN IS EXTRAORDINARY! I was having some issues in love and relationships and I felt like there was this dark gloom over my head, so I immediately reached out to her in the hopes that I would find some clarity. Not only did I found clarity, I found so much wisdom in my chart that I can take with me to help navigate love and relationships through out time. As she eloquently read my chart, everything she said resonated with me. So specific you would've thought that she was living in my heart since the beginning of time. She gave life and language to many things that I find to be obstacles in my love life. She spoke with compassion and is naturally a teacher and broke down my entire chart with ease."

Charmee Taylor

Olivia has a beautiful spirit. I instantly felt comfortable, as if I was talking to a connected colleague or friend. I would even go as far as saying she’s, a spiritual life coach. I was able to get my concerns and interests tended to, which gave a sense of clarity, but still left openness to live freely in the now. I felt understood, supported, and wrapped with empathy from my experience with her. I’m very grateful for taking the leap and following through with this referral. I know it will have a lasting impact and soothe my consciousness concerning all that I’m capable of. I would definitely like to check-in and share my wins with Olivia in the future. What a wonderful person to connect with!

Alexandria Jackson

We had a couple’s synastry reading with Olivia last week, and it was so informational/fun/insightful/truthful/amazing (yes, it was all of that and more). I was curious, so as an anniversary present, I took a chance and decided to have our chart read. My boyfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Even though we had never met or heard of Olivia before, it felt like we had been friends for years. She has a really kind energy about her that’s also cool and funny. The way she presents the information to you makes it easy to understand if you have no idea what you’re diving into. I feel like she went above the call of duty and presented us with so much more than I thought we’d get. She records the zoom calls and sends it to you afterwards, so that you can take notes later (trust me, you’ll need to). Overall, it was a great experience and she had so much insight into what was to come in the days/months ahead... we wish we could have readings all the time. She really knows her stuff. If you’re on the fence about getting one done or have a fear about choosing the right astrologer, rest assured that Olivia is the right choice. She even has a sliding scale on her prices due to COVID-19.... that’s awesome! Thanks again for the reading Olivia.... we’re still talking about it!

Amanda & Jonathan

"Wow, I am eternally grateful for Olivia. I had never had my chart read before, so I didn’t know what to expect, but she blew my mind with all of her knowledge and passion for astrology. I could tell that she put a lot of effort and time into understanding my chart. She confirmed things from my past and present that many people would not know about me unless we were very close, which opened me up pretty quickly. We talked about so much concerning my inner self, as well as my outer self, and I feel more in tune with who I am as a result. Also, she presented all of this information with such energy and warmth. I felt so incredibly comfortable the entire time she spoke, and I didn’t want her to stop! After our session, I began to look at our universe in a completely different way. I truly cannot wait until I can see her again, and we can discuss what the universe has to offer. Like I said, I am eternally grateful "

Stephanie Shively

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